Training Services

It is a legal requirement that anyone using a chainsaw during the course of their work must have received training and hold an approved relevant chainsaw qualification. This applies even if the employee only uses a chainsaw infrequently such as a gamekeeper, fencing contractor or a farmer cutting firewood. Ian is a registered Lantra instructor for chainsaws as well as an NPTC assessor. We can offer Lantra accredited courses in chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting, tree felling, dealing with windblow or can tailor a course to your specific requirements and arrange the necessary subsequent independent assessments.  The H&SE recommends that employees receive refresher training every 3-5 years which we can provide. The attached assessment schedules show the required training and standards that need to be achieved to attain NPTC certification.

Pesticide Courses
Millward Forestry is a specialist in pesticide training and application.   We can offer Lantra accredited courses in Safe Use of Pesticides, Hand Held Applicators, applying pesticides in or near water, stem injection equipment, pesticide plugs, courses for minimal calibration for when volunteers need to treat cut stumps, tractor and UTV boom spraying and mist blowers for orchard spraying and cannon/electrostatic sprayers for Oak Processionary moth control.  We also offer Lantra courses in noxious weed identification and control.  We can tailor a course to fit your specific requirements and are happy to run courses at your workplace.  We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and recommend the best courses for your needs.  An example of this would be training specific to controlling Japanese Knotweed.  We also offer accredited refresher courses for the above.

Brushcutter/Strimmer Courses
We offer Lantra accredited courses in brushcutters/strimmers which cover both plastic cutting heads and metal blades.   The course can usually be run over 1 day but can be extended into two days if the candidates have little or no previous experience and would benefit from additional practical experience.

We offer a Lantra accredited integrated training and assessment course in hedgecutters

Firearms safety and use & Deer stalking
The Police are increasingly demanding that anyone applying for a firearms certificate receive basic training before it will be granted. We can offer Lantra accredited courses which will meet this need.  Our courses are also suitable for existing Firearm Certificate holders who are required to use firearms in the course of their work such as gamekeepers and pest controllers.  Courses range from basic safety and handling to more advanced ones covering night shooting and deer stalking.  We can also design a bespoke course to suit your particular needs or if you simply want some coaching on improving your shooting or multi positional shooting.  As well as a Lantra instructor for firearms and deer stalking Ian is a National Rifle Association Club Coach and Range Conducting Officer so has a wealth of practical shooting experience to help you.

Shotgun Loaders Course
This is a 1 day Lantra accredited course for anyone who is required to act as a loader on a shoot day whether that is partridge, pheasant or grouse.   It is the only accredited course that  offers both theory and practical training.   Increasingly this training is being demanded by insurance companies from shoots that employ loaders.  This is the only course that will currently meet this criteria

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